Being the Gaybour – This is me

Discovering Homotopia

so this is me, I’m a lesbian artist from Pretoria in South Africa and I make illustrations depicting the darker side of dealing with being gay. My stuff is pretty sarcastic and has a lot of dark humour in it, its slightly offensive and stereotypical, but it’s me.

my works are inspired by quotes and stories that I have gathered from friends and fellow homosexuals and I aim to illustrate the bullshit that we have to put up with. Most of the stuff are basic one liners that are dark, some of my stuff aims to show the slightly more exhausting and depressing side of gay-ness and others are images of an ideal society.

to put it frankly, these are things that more people should be talking about and we need to start dealing with it. my sarcastic approach might not be the best but I see this as a gateway for others to follow and to start getting their own stories out there. I would also like to extend a hand by saying that if you have a story to share then let’s get it out there. leave a comment or send me an email and we can take it from there.

so yeah, this is me, this is my work and let me know what you guys think.


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