Bliksem dit uit

so I think this post is more applicable to folks coming out of a more conservative household, especially in the Afrikaans communities of South Africa.

While doing interviews with some LGBT folks for my thesis, I noticed a trend with Afrikaans gay men – and a pretty disturbing one if I might add…. apparently it seems to be a thing where some dads would literally try to beat their sons straight! I find this to be absolutely appalling, but considering the idea of homosexuality as a fairly new part of South African history  one can see where it comes from. many South Africans still believe in physical punishment for their kids, obviously not the extent of beating them but the idea of the occasional hiding when you fuck up as a kid is pretty standard.

but it also got me thinking what kind of scars this leaves people with. does physical pain become a desirable thing or do you fear it? does one begin to build up a resistance to it? how does this affect you as an adult?

so due to my array of unanswered questions and my natural fucked up curiosity, I wanna know what your opinions are.

also I made a pretty messed up illustration. for those folks who don’t understand Afrikaans the caption translates to; you can try, but even my dad couldn’t beat me straight….



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