Puking Rivers

So a while back a close friend of mine said something and it has always sort of stuck with me, like it’s been on my mind for almost two years now….

the quote was something along the lines of; I’ve had strangers look at me and tell me that the things I do, the way I look makes them want to puke rivers.

this was based on some photos posted online of an openly gay gentleman having a night out with friends. there was no reference to his sexual orientation, nothing about him engaging in any activities with other men, but for some reason these people targeted his sexuality.

so this brings me to the joy of online anonymity…. when we put ourselves online we are essentially exposing sections of our lives to the public domain, nothing wrong with that though, I mean who doesn’t have some account in terms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not? however, as we are starting to notice more and more these days is the abuse of anonymity by trolls. people who have never met you, they don’t know shit about you, but for some reason they feel the need to criticize the living daylights out of you….

oh the joys of cyber-bullying….

so I made this little guy in response, and since I’m notoriously sadistic I began wondering how one would puke rivers as a response to someones majestic gayness. I figured that puking rainbows would only be apt and thus I now present my latest little illustration.

enjoy guys….

Puking rivers


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